Cymphonique Miller aka NIQ, CEO of Pressure Records and Pressure Cosmetic products, is following in the footsteps of her father Master P. The young female CEO is taking her R&B music label to the next level. Fans are excited for the release of her first single and music video “Pressure” dropping worldwide on November 2nd of 2023, which will be followed up by a movie and sound track, titled “Get Da Bag”. The mogul has also disrupted the product game with her Pressure Cosmetic line, consisting of make-up, nail polish and lipsticks. NIQ’s message to the next generation of female entrepreneurs: “Invest in yourself. We all start off as diamonds in the rough. Pressure busts pipes or makes diamonds. Keep grinding, stay focused, put your trust and faith in God. ” NIQ’s “Pressure” music video was directed by Jack Rottier, choreographed by iconic dance mastermind Michele Soulchild. The hit record is produced by the super producer Tone P and has NiqFreaks and Fans vibing all over the world.